Let's face it, the cold, bleak days of winter become a little more bearable when there's something fun to do outside. And since it's cold to the point of freezing for so many months during the winter in Maine, an outdoor skating rink is actually a really great idea for any community in our state.

In years past, the town of Eddington has constructed a make-shift ice rink in a hole that runs between the Town Office and the Fire Station. But this year, they'd like to do something a little more.

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The Town recently signed off on the idea of creating an actual ice rink, with benches and whatnot. But in order for that dream to become a reality, the Eddington Fire Department says it's going to take some cash.

According to the Eddington Fire Department Facebook Page:

"We are looking to raise funds to purchase an EZ Ice Rink. The goal is to raise $10,000 to purchase a 60 x 100 rink, goals, benches, etc. Private or corporate donations can be made at the town office, mailed to the town office at 906 Main Rd Eddington ME 04428, or donated via the Venmo app (EddingtonFireAssociation)."

The post goes on to say that there are opportunities for individuals or companies to become seasonal sponsors for a donation of $500. Or, if someone really wants to go big, and get "lifetime" sponsorship recognition for their donation, they'd have to give at least $1,500.

And that's what the Fire Department is hoping for.

"Let's come together to make this a reality and enjoy the winter on the ice."

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for this project. You can click here for more information or if you'd like to make a donation.

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