Big news this week. The CIA unclassified thousands of documents that have to do with UFO's.  You can peruse them here from The Black Vault. We hope and expect to see some files that have to do with Maine UFOs. Did you know that Maine is a hotbed for UFO activity? According to Satellite Internet, Maine ranks #4 in the USA when it comes to UFO activity. New Hampshire does even better at #3.

Here are some of the UFO sightings reported in 2020 from the National UFO Reporting Center:

12/9/20 21:47   York Harbor   Pulsating Circular Light in sky off Southern Maine Coast

10/2/20 19:15   Brunswick   2 very fast circular crafts moving impossibly fast followed by 3 helicopters at much lower speed. 

9/18/20 23:48   Trenton      Looking up to the east.I saw a bright pink light shoot down and then sharply shoot straight up and disappeared. I thought it was a weird  

9/18/20 20:23   Jefferson    Bright triangle shape, no flashing or colored lights. Saw it approaching from the south headed northeast. No sound. Some zig-zag right



Here's another sighing from 2019


2019 was a banner year for Maine as well. We've gone up in the rankings to number 4 in 2020! We think Maine would be a great place for UFO's to land. Lots of space and good lobster. What's not to like?!

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