Two women were arrested Sunday in a Bangor hotel on crack cocaine charges.

Danielle Tomah, 26, of Indian Township faces charges including furnishing a schedule drug, unlawful possession of a scheduled drug and violation of condition of release.

Amanda Newell, 34, of Perry was charged with misdemeanor drug possession after police allegedly found crack cocaine hidden in her clothing.

The arrests came after police responded to a hotel room on the Odlin Road. There, the responding officers learned of heavy foot traffic in and out of two specific rooms. Upon further investigation, police discovered drug paraphernalia and suspected crack cocaine on the coffee table inside one the rooms. They found the two women in that room.

Police received a search warrant for both hotel rooms. Additional evidence including more suspected crack cocaine was found. As a result, Newell and Tomah will likely face felony drug trafficking charges, according to police.

The investigation is ongoing.

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