Brianna Mitchell, the general manager of the Freeport McDonald's, has seen a lot of things in her career come through the drive-thru, but she and everyone at McDonald's was surprised when two horses trotted up to the window.

Brianna Mitchell
Brianna Mitchell

On Saturday, two men on horseback went through the drive-thru. No, the horses didn't get any food, but the gentlemen ordered a Filet-O-Fish and a bacon egg and cheese biscuit. "The horse was definitely interested in what was in the bag when we handed it out," Brianna told us. "But I don’t believe it was going to be shared with them. Unfortunately I don’t think the horses received any food, but they did get a lot of attention, not just from the employees but from our customers as well. All around everyone had a great experience!"

It's not the first time Brianna has seen animals at the drive-thru. "In my previous years I have seen a snake, sheep, and a parrot on someone’s shoulder. Some of my coworkers have seen goats, llamas, ducks, and even a chimpanzee."

With their Filet-O-Fish and bacon, egg and cheese biscuit in hand, the two gentlemen rode off into the sunset of downtown Freeport, leaving a smile on a lot of people's faces behind them.


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