The pandemic last year lead a lot of Mainers going out camping. This year the activity continues to interest people to the point where reservations are already being made and campsites are already getting booked up.

Camping reservations may be full up already for the season but, there are other ways to take in the spectacular views of Maine- you just have to get creative.

Consider a weekend getaway on a house boat.  There are several listed on Airbnb and VRBO that we found that includes opportunities to just sit tight on a boat on a river in Maine or go all out on a schooner for a six day excursion along the coastline of Maine.

No matter what kind of experience you want to have, fun with family or a quiet weekend for one, there's a house boat experience that you'll be able to find and enjoy right here in your back yard.

Check out the variety of boats to rent out here in the State of Maine.  Most are located in Southern Maine but a few venture up the coast a little. A few have you in quieter areas along the Damariscotta River while another has you steps away from the Old Port to enjoy the night life of Portland.

It may be hard to get a campsite this year but sometimes you gotta think... different. Whatever you go about it, get outside and enjoy a piece of Maine that you don't get to see or experience too often.

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