Maine has passed another milestone in our journey through the pandemic…we have over 60,000 total cases for the State of Maine. There has been a total of 772 deaths. 

The number of positive cases is higher than the officials would like to see and a bit concerning and being closely watched but Maine, compared to the rest of the United States, has been and is still doing well in this situation. It was early November when our number started going up, spiked over the holidays and winter. The positive cases of COVID are lower than they were in mid-January; they are still much higher than last spring and summer in Maine. 

If you look at the map of where the cases are in Maine Cumberland and York are still where you find most of the cases.  The numbers are higher as you come up through the middle of the if you are following the interstate. But that makes sense that is where you find most of our larger cities and towns and therefore more people.

On the vaccination front, we are doing well with the highest percent of fully vaccinated people in the US, according to We have over 600,000 Mainers, or 45% have had their first shots. Over 475,000 Mainers or 35% have had their second shots or the one-shot of J&J. Maine is starting to see more and more openings at the COVID-19 vaccine clinics as additional vaccine became available and most of the Mainers. They wanted the vaccine are getting it. Maine is now facing a few challenges of getting to residents who may not be able to get to clinics and the Mainers who just don’t want to get vaccinated. 

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