Last year Funtown Splashtown USA didn't open because of Covid-19...this year they are back with some changes.

According to News Center Maine, Funtown/Splashtown announced their COVID-19 guidelines that will let them open this summer:

  • Reservations will be needed. They will have details on how this works soon
  • Face coverings will be required for anyone over 2
  • You don't need a face mask in the pools or water slides
  • All slide lines will be marked where you stand for social distancing
  • You will need a face covering while walking around common areas and in the changing/restrooms
Facebook via Funtown Splashtown USA
Facebook via Funtown Splashtown USA

Good news! If you bought a season pass or even a day pass last year, Funtown Splashtown will honor it this year! That's super cool of them. They are also leaving some seats on some rides empty to put a little distance between riders. Plus, they took out some of the lounge chairs and there's more space between picnic tables.

They are also changing park hours and days they are open. It's all on their website. Whatever the restrictions, limitations and changes - it's just nice to have them back! Welcome back Funtown/Splashtown USA!

Oh and if you are looking for a job, they are hiring!

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