More TV time for haunted Fort Knox. A Travel Channel paranormal investigation show filmed at the fort this past winter. We'll see what they found this weekend.

Looks like another big TV show came to Maine to explore a haunted location. Back in April, the host of Travel Channel's Destination Fear shared a photo on his Instagram "geeking out" in front of Stephen King's Bangor home. The show's host Dakota Laden said, "While filming in the Bangor Maine area....We had to stop off at the Stephen King house and take some pictures. I was geeking out SO HARD !!!"

Until now we didn't know where the show had filmed. According to Travel Channel, Fort Knox will air as episode three of the show's new season. Here's what they say about the episode: "The team is left with less-than-warm feelings for Dakota when he hatches a chilling plan to communicate with the dead at an abandoned fort in Maine. Things get even more heated when a ghostly caretaker threatens to throw them all out into the cold."

Destination Fear follows Laden, his sister Chelsea Laden, Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder, as they tour the country investigating abandoned haunted locations. The crew announced back in January they were off and running, filming their third season. Dakota says in a recent post on Instagram, "we had one of our most bizarre thermal camera captures to date!!!"

The Fort Knox episode will air Saturday, August 7, at 9 p.m. The new season premieres July 24 on Travel Channel and Discovery +.

Fort Knox is one of the most haunted locations in Maine. The fort has been featured of Travel Channel's show The Most Terrifying Places in America. Each season the fort hosts Ghost Tours. The night of ghost hunting is led by 207 Paranormal. Paranormal investigators guide participants to the fort's ghostly hot spots, and provide all the ghost hunting equipment.

Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media
Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media

Based on Destination Fear's findings, it seems they may have come into contact with an active spirt at Fort Knox. Ordinance Sergeant Leopold Hegyi spent 13 years as caretaker of Fort Knox. In 1887, Hegyi began his duties at the fort. On July 17, 1900, a fisherman had noticed that the flag at the fort had not been raised, a regular duty of Hegyi. Upon investigation, Leopold was found very ill in his small cottage in the parade grounds within the fort. Before a doctor could arrive, Hegyi passed away. He's buried in The Narrows Cemetery in Stockton Springs.

Leopold is believed to still walk the grounds of Fort Knox. A common spooky sight among visitors and paranormal investigators is a tall shadow figure walking the halls, and through the casemates of the fort. Visitors have reported smelling the scent of his cherry pipe tobacco within the fort as well. The sound of his black cavalry boots are often heard in 2-step ally, with no visible source of the footsteps.

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