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Lise and Rob have a pretty sweet life. They journey all across the United States and post videos of their travel adventures, on a YouTube channel appropriately called "Lise and Rob's Travel Adventures."

They recently stopped in the Queen City and had such a good time, that they declared it to be a "hidden gem." They hit all the major tourist haunts and documented their time here.

They start out at the iconic Paul Bunyan statue at the Cross Insurance Center, then pan around to capture video of Hollywood Casino. Then it's off to the legendary Frank's Bakery, which has been around for 75 fabulous years. They hit Downtown Bangor and arrive at the finish line of the Kenduskeag Canoe Race, take a stroll by the Hannibal Hamlin statue, then take a scenic walk through the Kenduskeag Stream Trail, which if you have never done it, is a wonderful way to spend a nice afternoon.

When in Bangor, ya gotta eat, so they stop by Bagel Central, then have some lunch and a brew at Black Bear Brewery. After lunch, a trip to West Broadway is in order to check out the home of our biggest celebrity, the one and only Stephen King. And right on cue, a flock of crows fly by the house. Creepy and kind of awe inspiring at the same time.

Then to cap things off, no trip to our town is complete without a stop at Geaghan's to have a cold one and of course, their one-of-a-kind chicken wings.

Thanks for visiting Lisa & Rob, and thank you for saying such nice things about Bangor. We feel the same way.

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