We asked, and boy did you answer!

Recently on Facebook, we posed the question, "What must you accept if you move to Bangor?" Kind of a loaded question, because like any town, or city that you move to, there is a good and bad, but people weighed in with some pretty solid responses.

I personally would like give my thoughts on a few:

Sirens: I live on the West Side of Bangor, and I can tell you that at least a couple times a day, you can hear screaming ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars bombing down Hammond Street, at any given time. It happens so often, that it has become totally normal for me. Not sure if that is good or bad.

Stephen King: Another thing about living where I do, is the constant parade of tourists heading to West Broadway, to gawk at the home of our most famous citizen.

Waterfront Concerts: This is easily the best thing about living in Bangor, for the last 14 or so years, we have become a concert destination for some of the biggest musical touring acts in the United States. Every summer, we have so many incredible concert nights, that is something I never thought possible growing up here.

"Bang-er": Just about everyone I have ever met, who comes here for the first time, can pronounce the name of this town correctly. I always say "Bang-Gore" which usually does the trick after a couple of attempts.

Paul Bunyan: This 31-foot statue is our pride and joy, and a great photo op for Instagram. But much like Stephen King's house, it is something that I totally take for granted.

Weather: Bangor is uncommonly windy, but much like the rest of the state, just wait 5 minutes, the weather will change.

Now, here are some of your best responses about living in Bangor.

Here's What You Absolutely Must Accept if You Move to Bangor

Bangor is Maine's Queen City, with about 33,000 residents. If you move here, here are some things to keep in mind.

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