You can’t drive down West Broadway in Bangor without seeing someone gawking at this house (trust me, I know. I live in the neighborhood.)

A YouTuber who goes by the name “McHenry Cruiser Bad Boy” posted a video with his new roommate, visiting the iconic Bangor home of the legendary Stephen King. People come from all over the world to have peek,  but Bad Boy didn’t think much of what he saw.

He was incredulous that Stevie didn’t have a Justin Bieber, or Beyonce & Jay-Z, Hollywood type of crib. He ends the clip with a produced piece that he seems to use at the end of each of his videos, a rather lame mic drop.

McHenry Cruiser Bad Boy must be doing something right. He has 11,000 YouTube subscribers.

Check out the Stephen King video, plus one of him driving around the Queen City. We also have some of the comments from viewers.

nikki venable
This was the home that he and his wife bought way back in the day. SK spoke of how he thought his family wasn’t wanted there for a time...he believed it was haunted...but eventually the house eased into SK and family. I’ve been to his home a few times and it’s so cool. People will pull up, get out of their cars, and just stare. I’ve had a few conversations with people who’ve traveled many miles to see his home. He’s my fav author and so it’s a treat to see it each time. It never gets old. He’s also done a lot of add-ons...The house extends far back for a long while. He also owns the house next door(which is more my’s gorgeous) and when asked why he bought it he said, “because I can”. The homes on his street were built by the logger barrons who settled in Maine. Those homes must be solid. SK also owns a home in Florida but Maine is his home turf.

The Cruiser Man and The King should be compadres.

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Sandy Mitchell
Oh my God! What are you talking about? This house is gorgeous! I would love to live in a Victorian house like this! Looks so haunted! what a great time! And all the beautiful colors of the leaves that have changed. Nice video Cruiser! Hey Molassis Murphy

Leisa Irwin
Hey He's a Maine Man. He was always my favorite author and I bought all of his books. I think he liked the spooky old house for the creepy feel of it. Not for the status...Mansions are over-rated. Ya gotta pay someone to clean them. The fence sure is unique. That's probably where I would go first if I were in Maine. But I'd go knock, because I'd want to tell him how entertaining his stories have been. Thank you for this view of Maine, so far away.

Nothing says "Welcome to My Home" more than a massive cast iron gate and fence around one's property. The Kings probably don't even live there most of the time. It's just a fake out to give his fans something to get excited over and take pictures of and get video recordings to put on YouTube. I guess Victorian homes aren't common on the west coast? Your new soon-to-be former roommate friend bringing you to places of interest, and you keep saying how ugly Stephen King's house is in comparison to the homes of bedazzled west coast celebrities

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