Fusion: Bangor is bringing out the big balls for your winter activities.  Dodgeball is a great way to get some exercise during the winter for us indoor types.  Plus you get to hit people with balls.  That's my kind of combo.

Need some inspiration?  How about a trailer from 2004's Dodgeball: A TRUE Underdog Story.  Touché.

You can sign up now for either the A league, whose games take place on Tuesday nights, or the B league, whose games take place on Thursday nights and is less competitve.  The season starts the first week of February.

Reserve your team's spot now or register your team now through January 8th.  Registration fee is $500 per team and they are looking for 16 teams per league.  Each team must have 4 - 12 members.

Fusion:Bangor is an organization that promotes professional networking, connecting the community's residents.  They run several events throughout the year in the community including professional development workshops, happy hour socials and other sporting competitions.

Check out this dramatic video from Fusion:Bangor's Dodgeball teams from 2014:

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