One TikTok user discovered that a photo on Shein's website was edited to drastically change a bathing suit model's skin tone.

Earlier this month, TikTok user @Heartzcare posted about the discovery which reached over 4.7 million viewers. The clip zoomed in on the model's knuckle, which appeared to show white skin and made it look too pointed. The creator also showed the original skin that the photo editor forgot to edit underneath the sheer wrap portion of the bikini.

“Me when Shein colors in peoples skin for diversity,” she captioned the clip. The user then lipsynced to "What the f--- was you thinking?”

In a follow-up video, she posted a photo of the original photo of the white model wearing a different version of the bikini with her natural skin tone.

"You can literally tell that it’s a white person too," one user commented. "Their editing has been a bit sketchy recently," another added.

Other people questioned why couldn't they have "just got a Black model" to begin with. One commenter believed that it was just a "very, very tan white girl."

Shein released a statement to the Daily Dot and claimed that they did not edit the photo, rather a third party did.

"We were surprised to learn that one of our suppliers provided photos which were altered in an unacceptable way," the statement read. "We are contacting the supplier and have removed the images from our site. We celebrate diversity in all shapes, sizes and colors, and these images did not accurately represent that."

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