Congrats Adam! This honor is well deserved.

Our favorite star on TikTok, is Lincoln’s own, Adam Libby. His inspirational cooking videos have been enjoyed by over 20 million people, and he is crushing it with over 2 million followers on the social media site.

He had a dream come true last weekend, when he got to be the Grand Marshal of a parade he has grown up watching his whole life, at The Lincoln Loon Festival.

Adam got to cruise the streets through the parade route, smiling and waving at all the spectators. And he got a nice commemorative plaque to remember his special day in Lincoln. The absolute joy in his face as he rolls down the road is priceless.

The Lincoln Loon Festival happens each and every July, and is Lincoln's premier family-friendly summer festival, this 4-day event features live music, local food, artisans, a basketball tournament, a parade, and some impressive fireworks over Mattanawcook Pond. This year’s theme was the “Loon Lagoon.”

Adam was born with Down Syndrome, and his TikTok success makes for an amazing and inspiring story that can't help but make you feel good. Plus. you can learn quite a bit about cooking some mouth-watering meals.

Check out the incredible videos that Adam has posted on his TikTok page including his new show “The Maine Outdoors", where in Episode 1, he gives you the lowdown on how to make the perfect: breakfast burrito. That is just one of his many mouth-watering recipes.

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