A tragic story of a double murder and a suicide make for a perfect ghost tale at this picturesque Inn. 

The Lucerne Inn on US Rt1A in Dedham is a popular place for all occasions. Every year dozens of weddings take place here with a beautiful view of Philips Lake. The inn has a classy interior with old time charm and beautiful guest rooms. But some guests may not know that they could be sleeping with other ghostly guests.

As does every ghost story, this one has a few different versions but here is the most common. Back in the 1800's the inn was a popular stop between Bangor and Ellsworth. It was during this time a woman stayed in room 8 with a man who was not her husband.

It is said the womans husband was not pleased when he found his wife in an incriminating act with the man and in a rage killed them both. The man then left room 8 and went to room 5 where he ended his own life.

The paranormal happenings reported here are ghostly music, strange temperature changes, objects moving on their own, and things turning on by themselves. Many believe it to be the cause of the spirits left behind from that terrible incident. Have you ever encountered the spirits at The Lucerne Inn?

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