You know what they say, "Don't like the weather in Maine? Wait a minute."

A TikTok user from Maine who goes by the name of Wilson made a video that breaks down what the weather is like in Maine, for each of the 12 months of the year (although he somehow forgot October.)

Anyone who lives here knows how drastically the conditions can change at the drop of a hat, especially in the month of November, which to me, is the wackiest month of the year for weather.

I think we all remember a few weeks back, when we hit temps in the upper 70's, only to have them plummet by 30 degrees shortly after.

If you were honest about it, you would have to say that for about seven or eight months of the time, things are pretty good around here. As far as I'm concerned, we can just forget about January, February, and March, altogether. Brutal.

As always with any form of social media, people had plenty to say in the comments section:

Nick Kleinschmidt377
you're at the comments wondering if other people noticed that October is missing?

one time it went from -15 to 85 in less tgan 24 hours

I’m from Maine and I live in Florida now and I don’t miss Maine

Gabrielle Wiley
you skipped mud season and blackfly season, that blissful spring happens in the middle

Fall is my favorite season #MaineGirl

But snow/winter is the main reason I wanna move to Maine lol

Sooooo normal seasons????? Fl is literally sweaty and muggy EVERYDAY

It’s never hot in Maine

RueMel Parkin
You forgot about the black flies and mud season!!!!!

Faith Brackett
Never seen anything more accurate

I've gotten used to shiver me timbers cold lmao

Rebecca Letarte
I temporarily moved here in 09 from Northern Virginia. I hate it here. except for the fall. I hate it here.

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