There are no rules when it comes to holiday cheer this year. If you've had your Christmas tree up since before Halloween and that makes you happy, rock on with your bad self. Why? Because 2020. This dumpster fire of a year has robbed so much from us but it can't take away Christmas! We won't let it happen!

Whoever put up this holiday light display in Northwood, New Hampshire is catching my vibe. They don't care that their electric bill is going to be astronomical!

These lit up snowmen and nutcracker make people smile and that is the name of the game.

If you want a sense of how amazing this light display really is, check out this video posted by Beth Kittredge on the u Local New Hampshire Facebook page:

But videos and pics really can't do it justice. Take a drive over there and see it for yourself! The house is located on rt 4, near 152 in Northwood. You won't miss it. ;)

Speaking of epic holiday light displays, right now WOKQ's Light Up the Seacoast contest is happening. (you don't have to live on the Seacoast to participate).

If you have an amazing light display snap a photo and upload it here or on WOKQ's mobile app. The best light display will win a $500 gift card to Cardi's Furniture and Mattresses and $500 cash!

We can't wait to see your holiday displays!

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