I would imagine sometimes in the winter when the weather is good, working on an ice breaker with the Coast Guard could leave you with some occasional down time. Lord knows, we had a pretty good stretch of warm weather, maybe that's where Coast Guard Ice Cutter Bridle's FN (Fireman) Thomas found the time to do his own remix of Vanilla Ice's 1989 hit "Ice Ice Baby."

He posted this timeless classic on Facebook, with lyrics re-imagined in a way that is relevant to his daily duties, rapping all about breaking the ice on Maine's rivers. Here's some video of the Bridle breaking ice on the Penobscot a couple weeks ago. The sound of the water and the motor is almost enough to put in nap mode. It's oddly soothing.

At any rate, scope FN Thomas' mad skills. Sometimes you look at people and tell them not to quit their day job. And probably he shouldn't either. But, he's clearly having a blast, and showing that it can be pretty fun at times out on the water, doing your job. And a big shout out to the Coast Guard for letting FN Thomas strut his stuff. Enjoy!

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