Have you ever heard of "Jumping Frenchmen of Maine"? It's a real disorder with really unique symptoms!

It may not sound like a real disorder, but it is very real to those who suffer from it. The disorder is very rare and, as the name suggests, has been found mostly in Maine.

an extremely rare disorder characterized by an unusually extreme startle reaction. The startle reaction is a natural occurrence. It is the normal, rapid, involuntary response to a sudden or unexpected stimulus (e.g., a sudden noise or sight). The exact cause of jumping Frenchmen of Maine is unknown.

The first known case was documented in a group a northern Maine lumberjacks who when startled would jump and have a very startled reaction. Sometimes their reactions would be so extreme they would fall over backwards or accidentally hurt others.

In severe cases, those suffering from Jumping Frenchmen of Maine disorder will actually obey orders given to them when scared no matter the consequences. For example, if you get startled by someone yelling "drop your pants," you might do just that!

The cause is unknown but because cases are mostly found in remote parts of Maine some assume it just has to do with the lack of regular interaction. There are still researchers trying to figure out if it is a psychological or neurological disorder.

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