Alright you guys, we are halfway through the workweek and slowly but surely crawling to the next weekend. Maybe some of us are a little extra tired after a weekend of festivities and trick-or-treating, so here is a much needed midweek pick-me-up:

The links I’m about to share with you will lead you to the cutest things I’ve seen from this year’s Halloween feed. I’ve enjoyed all the costumes on my timeline, especially on four-legged friends, but these two videos take the cake.

Posted by CBS Boston via YouTube, a 4-year-old-boy in Wellesley comes zooming up his neighbor’s driveway in a toy Jeep, hops out of his ride, grabs an honest one piece of candy, puts it in his ‘trunk’, and backs away with driving skills more accomplished than 80% of my friends.

Here is the link that will absolutely brighten up your day:

Another heartwarming Halloween capture from a door camera comes from Aroostook County here in Maine. This 11-year-old boy in Caribou noticed the candy bowl on the doorstep was empty. So what did he do?

He took candy out of his very own bag and put it in the bowl!!! Here is the five-second video of pure wholesome goodness:

I hope these two videos filled your heart with as much happiness and warmth as they filled mine with. These are the types of videos you watch and think, “I really needed this today”.

Finish the week strong and if you need a reminder of how precious life is, refer back to these two sweet boys.

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