Recently, the Bangor Daily News did a story about Airbnb's in Maine where farmers were renting out their space for tourists and visitors to visit. The article mentioned how the United States Department of Agriculture has seen a huge boom in so-called agritourism here in the State of Maine during the 2010 decade, which has been supremely impactful to Aroostook County most all.

We wanted to see what barn Airbnb's Maine had around that could be a nice getaway to a rural area within the state, to escape the madness of COVID or politics or just humanity in general.

These four featured Maine barns are available on Airbnb and are in locations throughout the state. They offer different amenities and views but, all are impressive stays for any visitor who is seeking out renting a barn for a getaway.

The locations will take you to the coast of Maine near Blue Hill, nearly crossing the border in the Western Foothills, near Mount Katahdin in the north of the state, and in southern Maine in a college town.

All stays have you situated in a barn but these interior pictures will make your jaw drop because you may not think it's possible that these interiors are inside a barn.

Your options include a coastal barn stay on an organic farm with two beaches, a deep woods stay up north in luxe, a farm stay with goats and donkeys with acres of land to find your peace and quiet and a Western Maine stay with Nigerian dwarf goats and cozy quarters.

All locations are great and each brings its own special features. Check out some of Maine's barn-stay listings if you need a place to escape if it's just for a weekend or a special occasion like a honeymoon.

Beautiful Maine Barns to Book For Your Rustic and Rural Getaway

Barn getaways have become a great way for Maine farms to bring in extra income and Airbnb renters are all about them. Check out four Maine barn stays here in the State of Maine offered on the Airbnb rental website and feel inspired to book your getaway to a Maine barn location.

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