Maine has been a proven spot for UFO activity.

I have lots of friends who've told stories of seeing UFOs in Maine over the years. Personally, I'm not totally sure I've ever seen one. I thought I did once, and it was quite odd. A bright light appeared over the car I was riding in, and then it zipped off faster than seemed possible. Not sure it was a UFO, but it was low-grade scary.

How about you? Have you ever just been standing outside, minding your own business, just to have weird things start happening in the sky? One person did over the weekend and posted about it on Reddit. The alleged sightings took place in Lincoln County.

Wasn't there a meteor shower this past weekend?

This was the first question folks in the thread started asking. But very quickly, Redditor u/Martholomule, squashed that idea immediately. This person said they were out watching the shower, and began to see various vehicles making a bit of a formation, and there seemed to be other UFOs trailing behind it.

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However, after posting about how these aircraft weren't showing up on a flight tracking app, people started theorizing that maybe it was a rocket laying out a series of satellites, and the theory started to stick within the thread. Likely Starlink satellites were being put into orbit, for everyone to see.

But can anyone prove it's satellites?

Well, kinda. Here's a video about how they are put into orbit. It's actually pretty interesting. There's even an iPhone app for tracking them. You can check that out here.

So, it's likely just more space junk being delivered to our atmosphere, but still, if you're standing on your back porch checking out a meteor shower and things start to go kind of haywire, you might just blame aliens too, right?

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