In a Facebook post on Thursday, the Old Town Recreation Center announced it will be closing its child care program.

The post was written as a letter to the parents of the child care program and further stated that the program will officially be closed on Friday, August 27.

The Facebook Post describes the difficulties of navigating the pandemic as part of the reason for the closure, including being able to staff appropriately for the number of children utilizing their services. Also included in their reasoning was the lack of funding to do building renovations in order to meet state requirements as well as "a decrease and substantial delay in reimbursement" for the care of the children in the program.

The Old Town Recreation Center does also state that other programs will continue and even possible camp programs for summertime and school vacations to come. In the meantime, the Rec Center will be directing its efforts towards events and adult activities.

The Old Town Rec Center serves Old Town and surrounding communities bringing education to youth and adults as well as events and sports. It is located at the Herbert Sargent Community Center in Stillwater on Bennoch Road.

The Old Town Rec website currently has programs available for 2021 summer camp and seven sports programs to register for, including baseball, softball, soccer, flag football. Some of these sports programs are specifically youth sports.

For more information about Old Town Rec, visit their website at

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