The first couple of weeks of school here in the State of Maine have shown us the reality of bringing all kids back to in-person learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bangor area schools have been impacted by a few outbreaks since school has started for the year. Currently, there are four local schools in outbreak status. Most of these schools are high schools with the exception of one local middle school and include:

  • Hermon High School
  • Hampden Academy
  • Brewer High School
  • Caravel Middle School in Carmel

Schools across the state are hitting the outbreak status with the first few weeks of in-person classes, according to WGME. They are happening statewide and support the understanding of the high community transmission, in particular of the Delta variant, running rampant in the State of Maine.

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Schools across the state that are currently in outbreak status include the following:

  • Presque Isle High School
  • Caribou High School
  • Fort Street School (Mars Hill)
  • Caravel Middle School (Carmel)
  • Brewer High School
  • Durham Community School
  • Freeport High School
  • Gorham High School
  • Hampden Academy
  • Hermon High School
  • Massabesic High School (Waterboro)
  • Mildred L Day School (Arundel)
  • Mt. View High School (Thorndike)

It is expected prior to entering a school that students are symptom checking, including checking for cough, the new loss of taste or smell, fever, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea.

Some school districts across the state have opted for mandatory face mask wearing for their district to slow down and try to prevent further transmission in schools. Some schools are working to go remote during these outbreaks to avoid further transmission in the community.

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