There is some new eye candy in Downtown Bangor.

In an open lot on Central Street downtown, next to Epic Sports, and across the street from 11 Central, a very cool a portrait of the iconic Paul Bunyan, created by local artist, Annette Sohns-Dodd, has been in the works for several days, and is now finished.

It isn't quite as large as the 30-foot statue that calls the Cross Insurance Center home, but it's pretty darn cool looking. This is all from the folks at the Downtown Bangor Beautification Committee, and is sponsored by the Rock & Art Shop, which is a fantastic downtown business.

The iconic lumberjack character known to all of us as Paul Bunyan, is reported to have been born on February 12th, 1834. His birth certificate is on display in the City Clerk's office in Bangor City Hall.

It is kind of funny when you grow up here in Bangor, because it's something that you really take for granted. On a daily basis, I drive down Main Street, and barely throw a glance in his direction. That seems extra crazy, when you consider that people have come from all over the world to visit him, and snap a picture. But then again, I also live right down the street from Stephen King's house on West Broadway, and most days, I also ignore that fact too,

At 31-feet high and 3,700 pounds, the Paul Bunyan statue that greets visitors into Bangor in front of the Cross Insurance Center on Main Street was a gift to Bangor on its 125th anniversary as a city in 1959.

Now, the legend continues with this beautiful mural that everyone can get an eye level view of now that it is finished.

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