Something getting a lot of attention is Storytime Online, where celebrities like Oprah, Betty White and Kristen Bell read great children's books.

What's great is I bet the kids will recognize some, if not all, of these voices from TV shows and movies that they already love.

Get the kiddos, grab some popcorn and enjoy some great story reading together during our self-isolation.

Kristen Bell

The kids will recognize this voice from Frozen.  Here she is reading Quackenstein Hatches a Family written by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen.


Wanda Sykes

Here's another voice the kids will recognize.  Wanda's done a ton of voice over work for kids movies and shows.  Here she is reading The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake written by Robin Newman.



Here's the Queen of Talk reading the Hula Hooping Queen by Thelma Lynne Godin.


Chris O'Dowd

Love this guys accent and voices!  Sounds kinda 'Octonauts'-y.  Here is reading Arnie the Doughnut written and illustrated by Laurie Keller.


Dulé Hill

My family loves the show Psych, so, I had to get Dule in on this list.  Here is reading As Fast As Words Could Fly written by Pamela M. Tuck.


Ed O'Neill

No matter your generation, this guy is who we see as a father figure that the kids will be familiar with.  Here's Ed reading 'How I Learned Geography' written and Illustrated by Uri Schulevitz.


James Earl Jones

Gotta have James Earl Jones on the list.  It's so mesmerizing and what a great personal moment he shares in the beginning of the video of his own disabilities.  Here's James reading To Be A Drum written by Evelyn Coleman.


Betty White

America's Sweetheart!  She's so sweet, isn't she?!  Here she is reading Harry the Dirty Dog written by Gene Zion.


Want to hear more stories?  Head over to Storyline Online's YouTube page.  Beware, you will be there for a while.

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