Z107.3 wanted to share our old Halloween pictures with you this year and expect you to do the same!

Here's a collection of the station's Halloween photos from the past that maybe you can relate to- good or bad.


Here are a few photos of Kid's that include him dressed up as the Godfather with his sister, who's dressed as an old lady.  You can also check out Kid with former Z Morning Show cohost, Sabrina, when they were checking out costumes at Spirit Halloween a few years back.

Kid's Halloween Costumes of the Past


I've done a few Halloween's in my years.  Here's a few photos from when I was a kid to my adulthood.  From Little Sarah days, we have the classic lion mask and pink footy pajamas and Minni Mouse.  I've done a few with my husband's bands as an adult including being Lady Cobra and Joey Ramone (That's my husband as Buddy Holly).

Sarah's Halloween Pictures

J Stew

Jason went trick-or-treating in the town of Hampden and is pictured below in one of his favorite costumes as an adult.

Jason Stewart, Townsquare Media
Jason S.


The Turtle was the very first costume my mom ever made for me--out of old paper bags. The Dorothy costume was from the year it snowed so much we had to wear snowsuits over our costumes when we went trick-or-treating. Also, can you see how much more freakishly larger I was than most kids my age! I was a giant! There are a couple from last year's cancelled Halloween (I Love Lucy).  The City of Bangor postponed it till the weekend because of so many trees being down around town after that storm. We went anyway, just along our block. And there's one from years ago when I went as Velma from Scooby Doo.

Cori's Halloween Pictures

As always, thanks for listening and be sure to share your old or new Halloween pictures with us on the Z's Facebook page.  Happy Halloween!

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