Forbes has listed the top paid DJ's in the world. Let's just say, their making BANK!

DJ's are the new rock stars. FINALLY! The dance craze has exploded world wide. Festivals like Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Zoo, Electric Daisy Carnival and Camp Bisco are bringing in hundreds of thousands of people.

Forbes released the list of highest paid DJ's. They're making some unreal ca$h!

#1 Calvin Harris - Calvin raked in $46 Million this year. That's more than what Jay Z and Katy Perry earned! Helping bolster his finances was his huge deal with the Las Vegas megaclub, Hakkasan. He'll be doing 70 shows there over the next two years. By the way cover to Hakkasan is $75!

#2 Tiesto - Dutch DJ Tiesto made $32 million this year. He had a crazy 140 show tour schedule last year. He too got a gig deal at Hakkasan. He's doing weekly shows straight through September.

#3 David Guetta  - It's hard to believe the pop-house producer isn't in the #1 spot on the list. His widely popular house-pop collaborations helped him bring in $30 million. David's 120 gig tour schedule was pretty intense. He rocked the house capital of the world, Ibiza and made appearances on Rihanna's Diamonds world tour.

#4 Swedish House Mafia - Even though the trio called it quits last March they still made mad cash! Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell and Steve Angello made $25 million under the SHM name. All three are still preforming, solo. Matter of fact, all three had incredible sets at Tomorrowland!

#5 Deadmou5 - He's been making mad cheese this year! Between his record label, Mau5trap, merch and tours, Joel Zimmerman made $21 million. Some clubs complain about my nightly fee's, try his on for size. Deadmau5 demands $200,000 and up per gig!

#6 Avicii - We're really digging his latest tune 'Wake Me Up' here at the Z. So are many others as he's the youngest DJ on the list. He's 23 and made $20 million this year!

#7 Afrojack - He's been making some bank this year, and spending it lavishly. From his 'Afrojet' to, two Ferrari 458's He bought two because he wrecked the first one within an hour of driving off the lot. He bought the second Ferrari the next day. He's made $18 million this year so, YOLO!

#8 Armin Van Buuren - Keep an eye on this guy, he's only going to keep getting bigger! I loved having his tune 'This Is What It Fells Like' on Club Z last weekend! Just last night I watched his set from Tomorrowland, it was AWESOME! Burren made $17 million this year.

#9 Skrillex - WHOMP WHOMP WHOMPPPPPPPP! Skrillex had a pretty good year. He made $16 million, won three Grammy's and an Annie Award. Wanna book him? Cough up six figures and he'll consider it!

#10 Kaskade - Another DJ making $16 million this year. Not too shabby! He's banked on a serious tour schedule. 130 shows and Las Vegas residencies has made him some serious cheddar.

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