Happy Anniversary, Danny!

I remember being pretty depressed when my buddy Dan Cashman left his job here at the Z years ago. We had a fantastic working relationship, and friendship. However, I knew he wanted to move on to other opportunities, and boy has he. He was Press Secretary for Governor Baldacci, then he began a reboot of his local talk show, which is now celebrating its 10th Anniversary on WABI TV-5.

Since 2010, Dan has had an impressive array of guests, most of them with ties to Maine. Famous actors, musicians, politicians, and local personalities have made his show a success that regularly beats Saturday Night Live in its 11:30pm time slot, which is a very impressive feat.

We selected some of his best interviews, comedy bits, and musical performances for you to enjoy. Oh, and you might want to pay close attention to one music act called “Bangtown Timebomb”, because the singer is none other than Z Morning Show co-host Sarah!

This weekend starts their 2-weekend stint of bringing you the 10th anniversary special with lots of highlights, including the Top 10 moments of the last 10 years. See it this Saturday night at 6 on WAGM-TV FOX 8/ Presque Isle, this Saturday night at midnight on WABI TV-5 Bangor, this Sunday morning at 11 on WABI DT2, The CW, Bangor. Next weekend you can see it in Portland on FOX 23 and again on Bangor’s CW.

Congrats for being a great friend to the Z all these years, and here is to 10 more. Cheers!

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