Some Ultimate Mainer's aren't even born in Maine.  Some Ultimate Mainer's are made... depending on the Maine foods they've consumed.

Some people who've moved to Maine from 'away' have asked, 'How can I become a true Mainer?  I wasn't born here so, how can I prove it?'

We've got your answer.  Here, any transplant can earn the title 'True Mainer' based on the list below on how many Maine foods you've tried.  You have a chance to get up to 22 points, and even bonus points if you eat things on a split-top hot dog bun (also on the list).

You can fall into one of five categories from Masshole, Tourist, City Folk, Towny to True Mainer.  How many points you have accumulated puts you into one of these five categories.  Let's break it down:

  • Masshole: 0 - 7 items on this list consumed
  • Tourist: 8 - 11 items on the list consumed
  • City Folk: 12 - 14 items on the list consumed
  • Towny: 16 - 19 items on the list consumed
  • True Mainer: 20 - 22 items on the list consumed

Here are foods put forth by the challenge, ranging from seafood to mainland cuisine, vegetables to... I don't know what, sometimes.

Add a point to your total for each thing that you have consumed- like, chewed and swallowed and kept down.

Share the list with your friends and see who comes out as the Maine-ist of the 'True Mainers'.

Good luck and may the 'True Mainers' prevail!!

Maine Food List - How Many Have You Had?

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