Summer has begun!  It may not be the official calendar date of summer or past Memorial Day as Maine's traditional start of summer but the Z believes the Cornville 10-mile yard sale ushers in the summer in a way that is undeniably Mainer-style.

We asked Z listeners, who know our true obsession with the town and who would be attending the yard sale this past weekend, to take pictures of the oddest items found at the highly anticipated event and send those pictures our way.

Z listeners do not disappoint!  Check out the weird odds-and-ends found at the yard sale that would make any yard sale goer equally disturbed and intrigued to grab your wallet or pocket book.

Cornville 10-mile Yard Sale

Is it me or would you actually shell out some cash for all of these crazy finds?  My impulse would be "I gotta have it because it's so strange" but ultimately, after many minutes of weighing pros and cons, my sense would kick in and I'd give up the opportunity to another yard sale goer.

Sandy Preston‎ via Facebook
Sandy Preston‎ via Facebook

But that hoof decor, yo!

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