Remember, this how Julia Gagnon got started!

One of Maine's best singers could win a cool $10,000!

Last June, Julia Gagnon won Central Maine Idol, then began her incredible journey to American Idol, where she has rocketed into the Top 7. So dreams can come true, if you have the talent!

During her American Idol run, the Quarry Tap Room held several viewing parties to cheer her on.

This year, the field has been narrowed down to 20 contestants, after the general audtions, including a fantastic singer from Winterport.

Jennifer Nittolo, has been a singer in local bands for years, inlcuding Octavia, which has played at several different spots in the Baangor area and beyond.

Check out this video of her crushing a cover of "Barracuda" at Fort Knox, from a few years back. She has a poweful voice, and could go a long way in the competition.

The fun & music all begins, this Monday, June 3rd, at 5:30pm, outdoors at the Quarry Tap Room in Halowell.

Each week has a theme:

June 3rd- Singer's Choice
June 10th- 70's Night
June 17th- 80's Night
June 24th- Country Night
July 1st- 90's Night
July 8th- Duet Night & Producer's Choice
July 15th- Singer's Choice

Each week Central Maine Idol is free to attend, with the exception of the season finale on Friday, July 26th, where admission will be $10.

For more info on Central Maine Idol, check out their Facebook page

The very best of luck to Jennifer! Go get that $10,000, and make Winterport proud!

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