Let's face it, back-to-school season can be exhausting, especially for teachers.

They've spent the last few weeks decorating and prepping their classrooms, refining and rolling out lesson plans, and getting up to speed on the ever-changing requirements for each school year.

Add to that, the onslaught of kids who have been running amuck all summer, many of whom are going to be super excited and probably super tired by the end of the first day,  no doubt teachers across Maine are going to need a pick-me-up this week.

Thinking child bored, frustrated and fed up doing his homework

That's where Dunkin comes in. To honor educators in Maine, and make sure they have enough energy to make it through to the end of the day.

This Thursday, Dunkin' locations statewide will be giving away free medium coffees, iced or hot, to educators.

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Whether you take yours black, with extra cream or a swirl of flavor, a sweet treat at the beginning, middle, or end of a teacher's day can sometimes be the one thing that makes the cranky chaos of the back-to-school season worth it.

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This will be going on all day, at all the Dunkin' locations in Maine. You don't need to show proof of ID or anything.

Just stop in or pull up to the drive-thru, tell them you're a teacher, and BOOM! A little pick-me-up perk from Dunkin' in the form of a caffeinated hug or high-five.

So let's all raise a cup to teachers this week! You've got this...and it's free Thursday, thanks to Dunkin.

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