Halloween is just two months away! Ready to get scared?

It's time to start thing about "fall" types of things. Pumpkins, pumpkin spice coffee, football, school, apple picking, leaves changing, and oh, Halloween!

Maineiac Manor just put a tease out on Facebook about the upcoming spooky season of terror that they are about to unleash on Bangor in the coming months.

Maineiac Manor is located in the former Hollister location in the Bangor Mall, which is directly across from Spencer's. The success of the attraction extended beyond the original Halloween season, with a Krampus Christmas themed haunted house each December, and now they plan a fairly regular schedule of creepy delights that are a ton of fun. It's 6,500 square-feet of scary good times.

When you attend an event there, you’ll encounter mesmerizing sets, handmade props, and actors in killer costumes hiding in the shadows (and sometimes in plain sight), ready to pop out and scare the life out of you.

These events are so frightening that they don’t recommend them to children under 13

Also, if you love haunted houses, and would love to participate in a different way, Maineiac Manor is looking for volunteers to help scare in this year's haunt. All you need to do is check out their volunteers page and fill out the form.

They be hosting an open house in late September for all who sign up. Until then, check out their brand new website

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