Watching these will bring back all the feels!

The local television commercial is kind of a relic of the past, sure they still exist, but A YouTuber by the name of Betamax King has a very impressive archive of classic Bangor television commercials from various decades. Not only that, but we did a deep dive down the YouTube rabbit hole and came up with some doozies you will definitely remember fondly.

Now the home of Season's Bar & Grille, it at one time was the legendary Miller's Restaurant, which was famous for its massive buffet. This is a classic High School Basketball Tournament from 1996.

This "Welcome To Lincoln" ad campaign is from way back in 1985.

Where Mark's Music now sits in Brewer, used to be the home of Bike Peddlers back in 1985.

Mallside Discount Outlet was big back in the day on Stillwater Ave in Bangor, this ad is from 1996.

Back in the day, the Ramada Inn had an all-you-can-eat buffet for $5.99! Take a look at this from 1996.

Who could forget Birdie Googins, best known as the Marden's Lady, who did a ton of commercials for the store back in the '90s.

This is one of my favorites for a business called Hair Upstairs, which not only combines all the ridiculous hairstyles of the late '80s, but also has hysterical dramatic poses into the camera. It is a good laugh!

Lots of cows in this one. This ad for Grant's Dairy is from 1994.

One of my main hangs as a kid was Sandi's in Downtown Bangor. Lord only knows how many rock n' roll pins I bought for my jacket.

They have since moved down the street, but this Lougee & Fredricks ad from 1996, will instantly take you back.

Christmastime at the then hustling and bustling Bangor Mall in 1986!

I remember getting a pair of specs at McGary Vision Center way back when, Check out this 1989 TV spot.

Boy, do I miss Captain Nick's Restaurant! I used to love having lunch in the train car. RIP. Come back to`1988 with me and remember!

Last, but certainly not least, we dug up a hideously cheesy ad for our sister station WMJ, from back in 1989. The cringe factor is heavy on this one, especially when the couple in the commercial is playing footsies in bed. Haha, they don't make 'em like this anymore.

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