A little ditty to hum as you dig out today!

As we sit here stuck in the middle of Winter Storm "Quinn" on a #Throwback Thursday, all you have to do is turn on Channel 2 in Bangor, and you will here the downright spooky, and now iconic "Storm Center" theme several times throughout the day. The music was created for big snow events like this, and is usually followed with tons of school and business closings.

Just about 6 years ago, WCSH in Portland posted a video of rapper, and self proclaimed "King of Maine" Spose adding some rhymes to the song. With shout outs to anchors Lee Nelson, Sharon Rose, and weather dude, Kevin Mannix, Spose lets you know that Storm Center serves everyone from Bangor, to Bridgton, to Casco Bay.

This isn't even the first interpretation! There has also been a speed metal version, and one with a violin, and acoustic guitar.

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