As most Taylor Swift fans know, there's always a story behind her songs. And she's pretty great at explaining what went into the writing of her songs, if given the opportunity. And she got just that recently, while in D.C., when she was able to chat with and perform for a small crowd at her very own Tiny Desk Concert for NPR.

During the show, fans who had gathered to see the artist, were treated with several anecdotes about what went into making this latest Swift album, Lover. She went into great detail, in fact, about the title track, and some very specific lyrics, and the special meaning it had to her. Check it out.

I'm always amazed, when I see her speak, at how collected and polished she seems. And there's no argument she has a passion for what she does and that she puts that into her work. It's kind of neat to hear, from in her own words, what her process is like when she'd creating.

Here's the full concert. If you have half-an-hour to kill, and are a T.Swift fan, it's worth a watch.

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