I know, I know. It's another post about Lewis Capaldi--but he's so dang funny! His song "Someone You Loved" has been lauded by many a celebrity as a fantastic song. Pink tweeted about it a few weeks back. And super-stars like the Jonas Brothers and Camila Cabello have covered it in the last few months.

Capaldi recently did an interview with a Chicago radio station where he admitted he was both totally appreciative and totally annoyed by the covers, stating that he only had one bone to pick about the entire situation; the artists covering his songs shouldn't do such a good job, rather set the bar much lower, because he doesn't want to have to work that hard!

He went so far as to record a little impromptu Public Service Announcement where he both thanked and pleaded with his impersonators!

This guy....I mean really. What a sense of humor!

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