Leave it to Taylor Swift to make a massive announcement about a huge collaboration, and then debut the song, all on a regular Wednesday morning. That's exactly what she did today, taking to Instagram to let her fans know the news, saying "Well guys it finally happened: WE DID A COLLABORASHAWN. Sending out a whole entire THANKS BUDDY to @shawnmendes...I’m so stoked that our remix of Lover is out NOW!"

Since you'd be hard pressed to find someone in the pop music audience who isn't a fan of either Taylor Swift or Shawn Mendes, the idea of these two stars colliding to make music together is one that's got a lot of folks excited!

According to People.com, Mendes re-wrote a few different parts of the song. He added  his own spin on one verse (perhaps with his new muse/girlfriend, Camila Cabello in mind?) He sings his verse and then joins Swift on the chorus.

It's been online for less than a day and already has over a million and a half views. I think it's safe to say, people dig it.

Personally, I liked this song to begin with. It's got a throw-back classic sound, and it's a sweet ode to her current boyfriend Joe Alwyn. I think she's a genius for harnessing the romantic power of one of Pop's current playboys-now-lovers himself, Shawn Mendes, who's himself riding that love wave with his leading-lady collaborator, Cabello. This is how you do a remix. Go big or go home.

Take a listen and let us know what you think of the "Lover" r

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