Let’s check in with one of the most famous pooches in the country, who lives in Hermon!

A guy I know named Charles Lever, came into the radio station one day a year or two ago, and he mentioned to me that I should check out the dog that he and his wife, Nicole had rescued, because he was developing a huge following on Social Media. Man, was he right. Looking back at his accounts this week, he is now a full-fledged star.

Tatum, is an energetic pup, who is crushing it on his TikTok page with 3.2M followers, and a total of 77.5M likes from all the creative videos that his owners post. His Instagram is popular too, with nearly half a million people checking out his daily adventures.

Most of these wacky videos feature a funny voiceover for Tatum, that is actually Charles. Either way, they are extremely entertaining. Best of all, they are always topical!

Tatum and Nicole recently took a trip to Bangor Mall Cinemas, to check out the new Channing ‘Tatum” movie, that is of course called, “Dog”

When it was time for the Super Bowl this year, and you are a big star, why not call up former New England Patriots player, Doug Flutie?

And of course, if you are a dog, you pre-game on Super Sunday, with the Puppy Bowl

Tatum was looking for love on Valentine’s Day, and based on all the fans he has, he found it!

These charming TikTok videos are just the tip of the iceberg, check out Tatum’s TikTok page and prepare to be entertained!

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