As far as cryptids in Maine you hear a lot more about creatures like Bigfoot, but that doesn't mean there isn't something else out there! Maine has had its share of supposed werewolf activity beginning as early as 1857.

According to reports, one of the first man-vs.-wolf pack attacks happened just 20 miles outside Bangor. Mail carrier, Mr. Mitchell was completing his daily deliveries in a horse drawn wagon when the team of horses pulling the wagon was attacked. A pack of wolves tried to overtake the horses until Mr. Mitchell fired shots from his rifle into the pack. They then decided to retreat into the woods. While this seemed like a random, unprovoked attack, stories soon began to grow assuming the creatures were not entirely wolves at all and may be human wolf hybrids, werewolves.

In more recent history, there have been three stories of werewolves in Maine that have captivated the country. Most recently the mystery beasts discovered in 2006 and 2013 while identified as dog/wolf hybrids, stirred up lots of speculation that they may be something a little more supernatural. The mystery beast found in Turner in 2006 was dead when it was found and the photo of the mystery beast in Wayne is all that we have from the 2013 sighting.

Probably the most well known werewolf story from Maine was featured on Paranormal Witness on the Syfy channel. This story from Palmyra is of a family being terrorized by 5 dog-men near their cabin in the woods. Read the full story here.

There are other werewolf reports in the state, but many have no evidence or little credit. It should be mentioned that Maine author Stephen King has used werewolves as the subject of his Cycle of the Werewolf stories set in Tarker's Mills, a fictional town in Maine. Does King know something we don't?

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