Ultra sucked for this dude...

The now disbanded Swedish House Mafia is being sued by a dude who worked along side them. In the lawsuit filed February 10th, stagehand Joseph Green claims he was prepping the stage for the DJ trio when a LED screen fell on him. The screen apparently crushed his legs.

Green said the screen clearly wasn't mounted properly, resulting in him being crushed. He adds the incident has left him disfigured and has suffered mental anguish.

He's not only suing the group but the festival it's self. Ultra Music Festival is no stranger to lawsuits. Just last month a lawsuit was dismissed after three years of litigation. In March 2011, a New York couple flew down to Miami for hugely popular festival only to get Tased and arrested...over a glow stick.

Jesse Campodonico sued the City of Miami and four police officers in the case. He says they beat him, choked him, threw him to the ground, and Tased him three times because his girlfriend was holding a glow stick. All this because a security guard for Ultra said glow sticks weren't allowed.

Matter of fact, Ultra's founders are still battling in court. Ultra Fest's former president Alex Omes sued Russell Faibisch, Charles Faibisch and Adam Russakoff over him being booted from the team.

They've been battling in court since 2011.