Here in Bangor, as summer vacation is beginning to wind down, we're preparing for some of the hottest weather of the summer of 2015, but the new edition of the 'Old Farmer's Almanac' says not to worry...if you don't like the heat, this winter will definitely cool you down!

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

'The Old Farmer's Almanac' predicts it will be super cold with lots of snow for much of the country, even in places that usually don't see too much of it, like the Pacific Northwest.

Look for above normal snow and below normal temperatures for much of New England, icy conditions in parts of the South, and bitter cold weather in the Midwest.

Just about everybody who gets snow will have a White Christmas in one capacity or another, according the almanac, which is due out this week.

Their weather predictions are based on a secret formula that founder Robert B. Thomas designed using solar cycles, climatology and meteorology. Forecasts emphasize how much temperature and precipitation will deviate from 30 year averages compiled by government agencies.

Some meteorologists downplay the Almanac's forecasts as too unscientific to be worth their salt. The almanac defends its accuracy for its predictions, saying their greatest error was in underestimating Boston's snowfall last winter, although it did predict it would be above normal. Boston's record setting winter storms dumped more than 110 inches of snow on the city. They don't call for as much this year.

The 224 year old almanac, is believed to be the oldest continually published periodical in North America, is 26 years older than the 'The Farmers' Almanac' published in Maine and due out later in August.