After portions of New England saw a snowstorm in early May, it was fair for anyone and everyone to wonder whether there was going to be a summer in 2020.

As it turned out, that May snowstorm flipped the switch and the remainder of spring has been extremely comfortable with temperatures soaring above average for most of the season.

The party doesn't appear to be over though, because as we officially head into summer next weekend, it looks like Mother Nature is bringing a toasty little heat wave to the northeast.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, that heat wave should roll in prior to next Saturday, June 20th, the first official day of summer.

Forecast models right now are saying that Thursday will be the first day you start to feel the heat, but Friday, Saturday and even potentially Sunday of next week could all bring the full on scorch to portions of Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

So who escapes the blazing heat? Probably the immediate coastline. The ocean breeze is likely to keep temperatures warm but comfortable during the heat wave. Expect upper 70's to low 80's.

Meanwhile, inland areas better have their air conditioners installed because Friday and Saturday is looking strong for the possibility of low-to-mid 90's for highs in many areas. Forecast models also appear to call for high dew points, meaning thick humidity will tag along with the heat.

Might be time to find a beach and build a socially distant moat around you for safety.

So yes, New England, it's officially time to put thoughts of snow, sleet and freezing rain out of our minds and welcome in the heat. It's going to FEEL like summer for real next week.

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