Ax throwing has become an increasingly popular activity for adults looking for a fun group activity. There's something so exhilarating about holding a hatchet above your head and launching it at a target, hoping to get that bullseye throw. But is there a time and place where it's just inappropriate?

The incoming new owner of Fall River's Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast is aiming to bring ax throwing to the property, but it's tough to say if the idea will hit or not.

Late last month, the Fall River, Massachusettes Licensing Board unanimously granted Lance Zaal of U.S. Ghost Adventures both a lodging house and a common victualler license to prepare and serve food.

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In an interview with, Zaal said that along with virtual, daytime and nighttime tours, he also wants to add a variety of new activities, from ax throwing and escape rooms to outdoor music and paint nights on the property where Andrew Borden and his wife Abby were hacked to death with a hatchet in 1892.

"We’ll be painting happy little axes instead of happy little clouds,” Zaal told, referencing painter Bob Ross.

The Lizzie Borden home has been a key fixture of the Fall River community for many years, especially after it was turned into a bed and breakfast where residents from across the world could tour the property and stay overnight.

But is the potential addition of an ax-throwing area a little too close to home or even insensitive, given the gruesome state of the murders? Yes, it's been almost 130 years, but shouldn't some things be left alone?

Let us know your thoughts on the App Chat feature inside the Fun 107 app, and tell us whether you'd be willing to throw an ax at Lizzie's.

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