With this month being Lyme Disease Awareness Month it is important to know how to avoid dealing with the disease, which comes down to avoiding tick bites.

The State of Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a campaign going on right now to protect yourself and is all about checking yourself often for ticks when you are outside. They are reaching out to the public with a campaign to avoid tickborne diseases, such as Lyme Disease with these three words: 'Stop. Check. Prevent'.

The campaign is all about educating the public about where ticks are likely to be, how to lessen contact with them and what habits to incorporate to avoid tick bites.

Deer ticks in particular are the ticks we need to avoid because of the different kinds of diseases they can pass along to human beings including Lyme disease, anaplamosis, babesiosis and Borrelia miyamotoi disease.

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According to the Maine CDC, there are ways you can lessen your transmission of disease and avoid ticks in general. One great way to avoid ticks is to avoid where they will be. Deer ticks are found in wooded, leafy and shrubby areas. So avoiding these areas or being extra vigilant can help you avoid tick bites.

You can also use chemicals or sprays to avoid contact with ticks, such as EPA-approved repellent like DEET, picaridin, IR3535, or try a natural alternative of oil of lemon eucalyptus.

The clothes you wear are also a way to avoid tick interaction. Wear light colored clothes that cover up arms and legs and tuck your pants into your socks.

Lastly, do tick checks daily and whenever you spend time outdoors.

Avoid the ticks the season and contact your primary healthcare provider if you have come into contact with a tick.

For more information about the Maine CDC program, visit

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