There was a Bigfoot sighting in Western Maine.


But not real.

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Some people take creativity and run with it. Quietly.

The photo is real.  It was dubbed  ‘Seen Walking the Shores of Lake Moxie, The Forks Plantation, Maine. The photo was taken by someone who has a camp nearby and requests anonymity. Okay.  Let’s call her, or him. Bee. And his or her spouse Tee. Bee and Tee were ‘up ta camp’ a few weekends ago and noticed something new this spring. So out comes the phone, and click.

B & T S
B & T S

Sure, the photo is real. But Bigfoot ‘might’ not be. Out in a pretty remote part of our state, someone, not Tee and Bee, decided on a very creative project that not a lot of people will see in person. All it takes is a sheet of plywood and some vision. And, oh yeah, a saw. I'm not a wood worker, what kind of saw does one use for this project? And you'll need some paint. Someone has crafted a Bigfoot and strategically placed it in a place where, well, Bigfoot might indeed be walking.

Believer or not in Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, this is a work or art. Next time we visit the New York Museum of Art, this is the type of work we want to see. Can ya make that happen?

And to the artist. We’re all smiling. We appreciate your work. You have made our day more pleasant. Seriously, you should be famous some day. You are an artist.

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