According to, It looks like a new movie adaptation of Stephen King's book Tommyknockers has found a home at Universal Pictures.  The movie company won the bidding war for the rights to make the movie.  Netflix and Sony were also bidding on the rights.  Other details include director James Wan (Aquaman, The Conjuring) will co-produce the film with Roy Lee (It, the Lego movies, The Departed).  No writer or director has been named yet.

Apparently, Stephen King is not a big fan of his own 1987 book which, of course, takes place in a small Maine town where a mysterious gas that emits from a downed UFO.  The towns people take on special abilities and aggression.  In a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, King states, quite frankly, "The Tommyknockers is an awful book."

Here's a trailer from the original ABC series from 1993 with some actors you might recognize: Jimmy Smits and Marg Helgenberger.

Maybe Mr. King will be a little more accepting of this piece when this new version comes out, especially since modern CGI could show a glimmer of accuracy to Mr. King's imagination.

Maybe we could have another film crew at the airport, again- for old times' sake.

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