Maine’s coolest dog has had a great fall!

As you will notice when you look out the window, the fluffy white stuff is on the ground here in Maine, and even though winter doesn’t officially arrive until Tuesday, December 21, it is time to come to grips with the realization that fall is basically over, which means that Stella The Dog will have to settle for frolicking in the snow.

Stella is an energetic, English yellow lab, that lives with her family in Freeport, Maine. Stella is a legit star, who is so famous, she has her own YouTube channel, with over 58,000 subscribers, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and of course, she is on TikTok too.

Stella absolutely loves being outside, especially when there are humongous piles of leaves on the ground. Watching her run like she was shot out of a cannon, then fly through the air into an awe-inspiring mountain of leaves is just endlessly entertaining. Best of all, there are no sound effects or music in the video clips, so you can hear Stella smash through them with the greatest of ease. And with that in mind, her owners have put together a compilation of her coolest jumps of the year. The video is titled "Best of 2021 (So far)", but that, unfortunately, is no longer accurate, since the deep freeze has arrived.

If you just can't get enough of Stella The Dog, you can follow her on Instagram.

Check out some of her greatest leaf pile jumping hits over the years

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