It was a spooky night in Bangor

According to legend, The Charles Inn in Downtown Bangor may be haunted. Three people decided to take a trip there and spend a night to see if all the rumors are true.

YouTuber SamBVlogs and her friends checked in recently on a Saturday night, prepared to be scared out of their minds, and they found some interesting occurrences taking place during their stay.

In the video they point out that from outside the door of their room they see feet walking down the hall, only to find it empty. At one point, one of the guests gets up to use the bathroom with the tv left on, and upon return, the television is off and the remote control is on the floor, and the room is pitch dark. Totally freaked out, they decide to stay up all night.

Is it all true? Who knows, but these visitors had a night they will never forget.

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